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Why We Love Lavender

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Lavender is one of the most beautifully scented herbs. Fittingly, the name lavender comes from the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash.” Famous for its delicate, floral scent this all-natural fragrance has been used for ages in shampoos, perfumes, soaps, lotions, aromatherapy oils, bath gels and baths to cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul.

We have to admit, one of our favorite things to do is unwind after a long day in a warm bubble bath with essential lavender oil. Eyes closed, relaxing from head-to-toe and just being fully present in the moment. For us, this is true bliss. We have loved lavender for as long as we can remember, and have experienced its fantastic calming, soothing and healing effects over and over again. And we are not alone. Research has shown that lavender does work wonderfully well for a variety of issues.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), lavender has been used as a remedy for everything from depression and anxiety to fatigue and insomnia.

The UMMC says that aromatherapists use lavender in inhalation therapy to treat headaches, exhaustion and nervous disorders. Herbalists use lavender to treat fungal infections, burns, eczema, acne and wounds, and the oil is also used in baths to relieve muscle and joint pain. The Mayo Clinic says that smaller studies suggest that for people receiving dialysis, aromatherapy may help make needle sticks less painful.

Research has shown that lavender oil may even help improve pain post-surgery. In one study, fifty patients who were undergoing breast biopsy surgery received either oxygen by itself or oxygen that was supplemented with lavender oil. The patients in the lavender oil group reported having better pain control than those in the group that took oxygen alone, notes the UMMC.

Suffering from insomnia? Lavender can also double as a sleep aid. Research shows that aromatherapy may help soothe restless sleepers and individuals with sleep disorders by improving the quality of sleep, slowing a wired nervous system, and even lifting moods. In addition to improved quality of sleep, studies have shown that massages with lavender essential oils may also result in better concentration, reduced anxiety and a more stabilized mood, says the UMMC. A 2006 Korean study conducted on forty-two female college students who had insomnia found that aromatherapy with lavender reduced depression, insomnia and the time it took to fall asleep. Exposure to lavender fragrance also resulted in an increased sense of self- satisfaction for these students.

Did you know that lavender can also help with hair loss? It’s true. In a study conducted at the Department of Dermatology in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland, it was found that aromatherapy with lavender essential oils may help with alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disorder that results in hair falling out in round patches on the scalp, as well as on other places on the body. Individuals who massaged this essential oil into their scalp over the seven-month study experienced increased circulation and significant hair regrowth.

Lavender really is a gorgeous, therapeutic scent. We have reaped its many benefits firsthand and it just makes us feel great. Plus it has an AMAZING aroma. It definitely is one of our favorites. Try it out for yourself – we think you will like it:)

On that note, we gotta go - it’s almost bath time ;)