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Nail-Biters Anonymous: 5 Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails

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There are a number of different theories as to what the underlying issues are for nail biters (or hair twirlers, or finger/toe tappers, etc.). Whether it's stress and anxiety, or just plain boredom, one fact cannot be disputed: nail biting does not make for attractive nails.

Of course, with our phenomenally reviewed nail kits, we here at Soap Stories know a thing or two when it comes to maintaining those pretty little digits of yours, so we've come up with a few ways for you to kick that nail biting habit and get on the path to clean, healthy, beautiful nails.

Replace it with a new habit.

Old habits die hard, but one of the best ways to rid yourself of an old habit is to replace it with a new one! Preferably something less harmful or damaging, of course. So keep a pack of gum or candy on hand to start chewing on the next time you get that urge!


For a lot of people, the onset of nail biting goes hand in hand with some type of stress or anxiety. It makes sense then that relief can probably be found by making an effort to reduce those levels of stress. So can yoga or a cup of herbal tea help to stop you from biting your nails? It seems so! Give it a try! 

Visualize it.

You've heard about people motivating themselves to lose weight by putting old photos of themselves at their goal weight on places like the fridge or as their desktop wallpaper, right? The same can be done for a goal like this, because the key here is to keep these motivating images in the forefront so that you always have a tangible representation of your end goal. 

Keep your nails pretty to keep your nails pretty.

It's a little bit of circular logic, but follow us here. Try giving yourself a manicure once a week. Our Natural Shine Nail Kit is perfect for this! 

Here's a quick 5-step manicure for those of you who missed it on our last blog:   

You don't have to stop there either. You can throw on a simple coat of clear or nude polish, or get creative with colours and designs. Either way, once your nails are looking healthy and beautified, chances are you won't want to ruin your work. A great deterrent! 

Figure out your "why" and deal with it.
There may, in fact, be a specific underlying reason that is causing your nail biting. If you can do some self-reflection to figure out what that reason is, you might be able to the work at the root cause to curb this habit. It can be as simple as talking to somebody about your feelings so that you're no longer internalizing them to manifest in unhealthy habits. Even seeking professional help can often be helpful. 

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