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3 Self-Love Moments This Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be an exhausting time of overbearing schedules with too many errands to fit into a normal day. Braving the holiday crowd at the mall, wrapping the gifts, sending out the Christmas cards, cooking the dinners - by the time ball drops for a brand new year, you’re likely to be unbelievably exhausted from the last one. So we’re sharing some much needed self-love moments that you can steal this holiday season!

  1. Add a reward to every holiday mission.

    Make your last stop at every holiday run a small reward for a job well done. If you’ve got a long day hitting the pre-holiday sales at the mall, end it with a caramel macchiato for yourself.

  2. Team up with a bestie.

    Time flies when you’re having fun! So instead of wrapping presents or baking holiday cookies solo, invite a friend and turn it into a hang out sesh, complete with Christmas music and peppermint hot chocolate! You probably won’t have to look very far for a stressed out friend who needs to complete the exact same chores you do.

  3. Make some time to recharge your batteries.

    There’s just something about pampering yourself with a couple of hours and a long hot bath that can make even the longest days just melt away. Light some candles and indulge with some of our favourite scents and products for the holiday season.
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What ways do you find to show yourself a little love during the crazy holiday season?

Happy holidays!