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Justin Alexander Bartels IMPRESSION Series Will Have You Questioning What We Sacrifice For Beauty

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Justin Alexander Bartels recently released this gallery of striking images detailing what happens to the skin after taking off tight or restrictive clothing. The work speaks directly to the types of constraints women subject themselves to in order to achieve or maintain some beauty ideal. 

According to the artist:

“The IMPRESSION series came about from my dating experiences in college, noticing the different trends and styles that women wore to ‘impress’ or gain attraction. It interested me that so many women would wear binding or uncomfortable clothing, to either impress or attract others, or for their own self-esteem. Having degrees in both Sociology and Photography + Imaging, they definitely combined in this project to show my interest in how society functions, but to also show it in a visually compelling way. I hoped this series would reach women, and inspire them to question what they wear, and why they wear it.”

The photos are, in a word, breathtaking. The way in which each body is framed really showcases just what we are willing to do to look or feel good. 

What do you think of Impressions?